Over 50% of children in the Foundation Stage have a speech, language and communication needs (SLCN).

With  the right support many of these difficulties can be resolved, resulting in the children being able to

access the  curriculum available to them, to engage socially and to catch up with their peers. However,

around 10% of  children go on to have a long-term difficulty in terms of their speech, language or

communication skills and this  will inevitably affect their access to education, self confidence and social



As an Independent Speech and Language Therapist I am able to provide direct support and therapy into

schools -  both in terms of in-house therapy and training. The type of intervention that is provided will be

agreed to suit  the school’s specific needs. The aim of the training is to enable staff to feel increasingly

confident in their  management and support of children with SLCN.  


I am able to offer a variety of interventions depending upon the needs of the school. These include: •

individual therapy

 • group therapy (for 2 or more children with similar needs)

• personalised programmes which are modelled to support staff and monitored regularly 

• intensive interaction and PECS therapy


I provide training to specific groups of staff, whole school inset days or staff meetings on the following


• early language development

• speech sound difficulties

• autism spectrum disorder

• learning difficulties

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Training packages can be followed up with individual therapy sessions and

programmes so that staff can apply  what they have learnt directly into the

classroom with the children they are supporting.