Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a condition that is estimated to affect around

1 in 100 individuals, with boys  being three times more likely to be affected than

girls. People who have ASD have difficulties in terms of the Triad of  Impairment:


This area is not just concerned with verbal language as that accounts for less than 10% of our communication. Non- verbal communication is an area where individuals who have ASD may struggle - both in terms of their use of non- verbal skills but also their ability to read other people’s non-verbal skills.

Social Interaction

Socialisation skills vary according to age and experience, and are innately present for the majority of people.  Individuals who have ASD find these skills difficult to master as the rules seem never ending. People who have ASD  may find it difficult to know how to effectively interact with people on a 1:1 basis and in groups.

Rigidity of Thought, Play and Behaviour

The majority of children have some structure in their lives but they can cope with some flexibility within their rules.  Children who have ASD struggle to anticipate the outcome of something that has not happened before, and  therefore they thrive on rules and routines and this is present in all their thinking.
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How Can I Help?

I have a Post Graduate Qualification in Asperger’s Syndrome and have developed

my specialism in ASD over the  past 12 years. I am able to provide support in a

variety of ways:

The Right Help at the Right Time

I can provide Parental support immediately post-diagnosis. Parents often report that they feel unsupported  following a diagnosis and that once the assessment has been completed the contact they had with  professionals leading up to this point ends. I regularly support families through this difficult time and can help  develop their confidence to support their child effectively.

Intervention When its Needed

I can devise individualised programmes to support your child’s communication and socialisation skills both for  in the home and at their nursery or school.

Training and Meetings

I regularly deliver training to School Staff to increase their understanding and confidence to support children  who have ASD. I attend Individual Education Plan meetings and Team Around the Child Meetings in order to  ensure that effective and manageable targets are set. “Thank you for being so good at your job. You have made a difficult situation more bearable” Parent, South Yorkshire
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